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    Complete beginer, please some help!!!

    Hi i've been designing my website using dreamwaver by uploading my files online and then using the shortcut of that file to link it to my site (very basic stuff)

    I have just purchased an account with bluehost but have no idea how to go about using it. I have search online for some tutorials but not much result.

    Could someone please give me a hand gettin started?

    Looking forward to your replies.

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    Any particular reason your not asking for support from the provider you just paid?

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    i would have thorugh they would have sent you all the information you need, have that not done this?

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    i have tryed to contact them but i am still waiting for their reply, and i did not recive any information from bluehost on how to get started.

    Could you guys please give me a hand on getting started, am i sure you guys have been in the same position as me. looking forward to your replies.

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    The control panel may come with a File Manager, if so, use that to upload your files.

    If not, you'll have to use an FTP application (SmartFTP), to connect to the server, and upload your files.

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    festajon, do you know what control panel you're using?

    Your first step would be to get an FTP client which are free to download. I would recommend Firefox's FireFTP

    When you've done that, connect to your host and you should see a bunch of folders. public_html should be the folder to upload your files into.
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    I do have a little bit experience with Dreamweaver

    Start dreamweaver and open your web site
    First you have to add the site, go to Site -> New Site
    Follow the on-screen instructions

    There will be a screen asking you on how you connect to the remote server. Select FTP and supply the FTP details which bluehost should have given you.

    Please see the attached screen shot.

    You should then be able to upload your web site after you have configured the web site (Site->Put)
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    Welcome to WHT! Sorry to hear you didn't get any information on how to give you a jumpstart in getting your data online. You stated that you already uploaded content to your account correct? What else are you needing help with? If the provider is using cPanel here is the URL to login.


    However you may not be able to login if you didn't get to create your own your username and password at signup. I sure hope that your provider replys with your information you need. Good luck!
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