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    Working in Customer Support

    How do most hosts work out customer/tech support? I know many people use services like and whatnot, but for the people that don't, how do you provide your support? I'm asking this because I want to get into customer support, even if I don't get paid. I'm interested in volunteering, because it looks good for the resume . Any hosts need an extra person to help out with customer support?

    This is probably the wrong forum. Sorry.

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    Re: Working in Customer Support

    Originally posted by Symbolik9

    This is probably the wrong forum. Sorry.
    Probably belongs in the Job Offers/Requests Forum. Anyway, I don't think you should necessarily tell everyone that you're willing to work for free -- I'm sure there are plenty of companies who would be happy to pay a competent customer service tech for their help.
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    That's true, but since I'm only 15, I wouldn't really qualify as an experienced person in the field.

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