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    Are you using any control panel? Control panels like Cpanel has monitoring systems to restart a service if it is not running. If you are using Cpanel go to WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager and disable exim if you don't want to get it restarted automatically.
    And in Cpanel servers, you can prevent mails from going to a particular domain using antivirus.exim file.
    In this file you can see a section like this.
    if $header_from: contains ""
    fail text "This message has been rejected since it has\n\
    the signature of a known virus in the header."
    seen finish
    Now you can add a different section for $header_to with that domain.
    Or you can use an iptables rule to prevent outgoing connections through port 25 for that IP.
    Shoot if you have any questions.
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