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    Need to move a from from webhosting to VPS

    Hi guys,
    I have an invision power board and want to buy a VPS.. first of all i dont know where i can buy a proper one so going for godaddy as they have paypal...

    i dont need things like cpanel and so on, all what i need is a powerboard running ...if i have a backup of my database, is it possible to upload the thing via shell ? i dont have much experince with linux... or does anyone know if godaddy will do the work for me.. i mean getting the database and setting up and so on ? or should i go for another hosting cause my budget is 30 max 40 dollars pr month .

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    Actually I need only arround 1 GB.. or max 2 GB.. its my database which takes space ...
    its only for hosting 1 website ( invision power board )

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