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    uniqe CSS table problem


    I am beginner in CSS so please forgive me if the question is lame.

    I am trying to switch to CSS but I cant figure out how to make a such table with css:

    Can anyone help?

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    Can you make your demo image bigger? Right now its painful to squint at (or maybe I am just still half asleep)

    If by table you mean your layout, I would check out this site:

    Then find a layout that fits your needs, copy it, work with it and explore how it works. If you have any problems then you can come back and ask.

    I only say this because the answer to this question is already well documented.

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    OOPS! Sorry for the tiny image. It is right here:

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    You are going to have to use a function called float. Combined together it works like a charm.
    Take a look at this:

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