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    Futurehosting VPS - Good Stuff

    I signed up with Futurehosting a week ago. I bought two VPSs, one small unmanaged Debian box w/o cPanel and another larger unmanaged CentOS w/cPanel VPS. Since I bought the boxes based on an ad found in the provider's forum, it only seems right to post my experiences back here.

    As we all know by now, the first couple of days supporting a new customer can be hectic. There's a lot for the customer (me) to learn in the differering layouts and processes between VPS providers, and there's invariably some glitches on the provider's end as well.

    To date, Vik and crew at Futurehosting have been excellent at supporting me. All of my trouble-tickets have been answered within the hour and usually within minutes. They've also taken my odd requests in stride (such as activating /dev/tun for my OpenVPN server and recompiling the VPS kernel to include Iptables NAT support) and fixed them.

    I'm very impressed so far.

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    glad you're happy with 'em

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    great to hear a review about a review on them after 6 months..
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