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    Find me a VPS Host

    Help, I think I need a VPS!

    Where should I go... Not alot of money but I don't want to have to switch in 6months so please FIND ME A GOOD ONE!

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    I want 400-500 bandwidth
    I want 20gig space
    4 domains

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    How much is your budget?
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    $30-40 dollars w

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    Are you looking for a Linux or Windows VPS?

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    Linux should be cheaper and faster i think.

    Tell me, If i have been using shared hosting for 10 years with cpanels, do i have enough knowledge to use a vps? What additional knowledge do i need to know. I really don't need root access so much but i think i should make this switch.

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    Go with and pay the extra $15 bucks for them to handle the entire vps

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    not enough bandwidth and space. I also don't want to go with any new hosts.

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    I can't speak from personal experience, but I have heard good things about JaguarPC. The company's stable, from what I could tell (they've been around for at least a couple of years), which looks promising. You could try checking them out to see if they suit you.

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    i thought more people here would step up and make some recommendations!

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    Well, I'd suggest you browse through the VPS Hosting Offers forum and see which companies interest you. You're bound to come across one you like sooner or later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moshemarc
    $30-40 dollars w
    Check out KnownHost Their VPS XLca

    Check their website for specials.. They are a good host been using them for about 5months

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    Give me top 5 companies to look into with vps in order of best

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    I am not sure if anyone here can give you the top 5 companies for VPS hosting. First off there are to many types of VPS hosting so this means that there are more than 5 companies that do it well depending on your needs.

    From the sound of it you need a semi-managed if not fully managed VPS host which will cost you more money. If you want a really good semi-managed or fully managed VPS plan with those specs you many need or want to raise your budget if you can.

    I am guessing you want Cpanel for the control panel.

    Some of the recomendations that have been made already are good ones and to many users are top in the business for VPS providers.

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    from my personal experience, I can recommend

    they have good track record and excellent customer support. cpanel gold vps will fit for your need. all the servers are in softlayer, so excellent uptime and guartaneed connectivity.

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    must be in usa. Yes, I need cpanel and whatever Help I can get. If it has cpanel, do i need any additional knowledge to do vps?

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    Yes because Cpanel does not secure or manage your server. So if you do not know how to do this then you would want some type of management plan to go with your VPS at least until you understand dedicated servers. Managing a dedicated server is much like managing a VPS server if you do not have a managed service.

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    so maybe its a good transition to go to vps to start learning but with managed vps, i don't need any knowledge?

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    From what I reading around, it sounds like most peole having troulbe with VPS, maybe vps needs another 6 months to find its way into the norm of hosting. Should I stay away from vps?

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    Is a managed vps the same as shared hosting support and management?

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    viga byte, on your site you are offering all this space but no bandwidth

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    100 is very little when offering someone so much space

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    Since you will host only 4 sites but will need 400-500GB i guess those sites will need some resources as memory and CPU power.
    Let's see....
    4 sites with a lot of bandwidth should need some CPU/RAM
    Burstable ram
    Your site can have always 5 users, although if you receive 50 you must be ready
    Control panel
    Keep all services up and running and help you managing your vps
    Shouldn't use too much resources (Directadmin is the right choice)
    If a vps provider offers a control panel they must help you setting it up and securing it

    Every VPS provider should be able to help you (unless they state UNMANAGED on their offer) to setup your VPS and maintain it. (Checking for virus, updating software...)

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    i also want to go for vps

    I want to know about

    Can someone tell me about this company? their support etc...

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    Well i made up my mind to go with vps now so,


    any biters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moshemarc
    Is a managed vps the same as shared hosting support and management?
    At SLHost it is same. They say there offer the same kind of support they offer to their shared hosting customers. So, far they've done all I requested and I no nothing of managing a server.

    I've just signed up with them.

    Am with them for about a week but, till date everything is fine.

    They are running some gr8 specials ATM. Have look.
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    i second (cheapest is $9.95 per month which sounds nice)

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    Do you want cheap or do you want good? Usually you can't have both.

    If you want a provider you can stick with and have zero problems, it's EuroVPS
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    futurehosting sounds nice, are they any good

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    I've been watching Zone.Net for quite a wile. they recently made some great upgrades/changes. So far, I am planning on going with them:

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