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    US phone number - forward calls to Norway

    I am looking for a reliable, but not to expensive United States phone number that can forward all calls to a norwegian phone number. The number does not need to be toll free.

    We are going to set up alertra to alert us through phone instead off sms and for this we need a us phone number that can forward to a international number.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

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    You might want to talk to LoudVoiceSystems. They offer toll free numbers and if you call them, they can also set you up with a local United States phone number.

    I have a toll free number set up with them (that is also a fax number). I did set up a local fax number as well and it will be sent to you as a PDF or TIF format. The local number though can be used as a virtual office if you would like of just a fax number.

    What that means is, when someone dials a number, they can be asked to enter an extension - one for sales, two for support etc. And then it will dial any number that you need. You can compare their features if you would like. We are using the Extreme plan so we can have access to the WebLink. We usually refer one client over every over month so we end up getting a free month but we do pay for usage. So i any of your clients might be interested, you might think about doing that. They have a reseller plan which I am still debating over though. It would have saved me money (around $60.00) since I have been with them for a long time.

    They might also require a deposit for Norway. The company is Freedom Voice. You can also get a number from Freedom Voice themselves but you basically end up spending $5.00 on set-up fees because they rely on resellers to help sell their plans.

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    Thank you, I signed up just to test, however it seams that it's not possible to set-up direct call for the toll free number to a international number.

    Or I maybe wrong?

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    Thanks John for the recommendation.

    Kimenge - to forward the number internationally, you need to email them. Some countries, they require an additional deposit to when forwarding to a number outside the United States.

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    why not get a VoIP account like

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    Quote Originally Posted by paladincomp
    why not get a VoIP account like
    I think he means
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    Yes..that's correct... sorry.. lack of sleep.

    I live in Germany but originally from Chicago (US Military moved me here in the 90's). Vonage is a life saver. I think I pay around $30/mon for unlimited calling in the US plus a toll free number.

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    I travel quite a bit, and mostly in Europe, and I use to forward my calls from an 866 number, including Alertra alerts.

    Very inexpensive.

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