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    Multicards Payment Processor

    I was tricked into signing up with Multicards because their anti fraud tools is good but once I got a chargeback for selling a game unit they charged me 55USD for fee and didn't do anything to help me get back my money. I showed them the tracking with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION... NOPE THEY SAID ITS IN THEIR POLICY TO LET THE CONSUMER SCREW THE MERCHANT UP ARSE. Share your experience and if you want to use them think again.

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    Was this chargeback "I didn't do it" type (read fraud) OR user could have been unsatisfied with your product? E.g. he could say "not as advertised".
    Make sure you get a chargeback reason first to analyze the situation.

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    This is what I got from them:

    You received a cb, the following has been deducted from your account.

    400+ usd for game units, $55 usd for cb fee.

    I replied with signatue confirmation showing his signature, showing his address that was from the order page that match his billing.

    They replied stating they can not help me fight the cb and visa would fine merchants if they fight a cb and lose.

    I DONT EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO WHAT THE CB WAS FOR! Basically the customer is a crook!

    And multicards are hugging the crooks and sleeping with them aswell.

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    A signed delivery does not help anything to fight a chargeback unless you have a credit card authorization form with the customer's signature on it.
    As far as I can tell, they have been totally honest with you. Fighting these kind of chargebacks is useless.

    You, on the other hand, should install some security measures to prevent customers to screw you over for a $400 game. A hard lesson heard, but I think you won't be fooled again now, will you?

    As far as I know MultiCards, you should be able to login and see what the chargeback was for and what the reason for it was.
    These kind of chargebacks happen ALL THE TIME, learn from it.

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    Blame the Industry

    When it comes to chargebacks it always flows down to the merchant. Multicards is just like every other payment processor when it comes to chargebacks. Useless!

    The best thing to do is to develop some best practices to prevent chargebacks including manually processing orders (if possible) to catch fraudulent orders.

    Heads Up: Don't try to dispute the case because if you do win, the customer can still file another chargeback for the same order. That's another $55 fee!

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    'Multicards is just like every other payment processor when it comes to chargebacks. Useless!'

    I think you are giving a wrong signal here.

    After all, it is Visa/MasterCard's fault that the merchant has the burden of proof in such cases instead of the customer. Processors can't do anything to help the merchant in such cases. If they eat the loss or even only cover the fees associated with it, they will be out of business very soon.

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