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  1. How to change Apache port from 80 to another

    I'm using pound load balancer to forward requests between Apache and Mongrel. I want to make apache run on another port (not 80) because I want pound to run on 80. My problem is I'm unable to let Apache run on another port. I tried to modify that in Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) but I failed, when I run apache I get the following error message:

    "[Sun Dec 3 06:31:49 2006] [warn] VirtualHost overlaps

    with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you

    need a NameVirtualHost directive"

    What is the right way to modify apache to run on another port?

    I have a VPS with CentOS 4.4


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    1) make sure it's open in the firewall
    2) make httpd.conf "listen" to it, simply find the line "listen 80" and change that port... If you dont have that line, add it somewhere
    3) Virtual hosts are kinda hard to work with at first, if you however don't need anything other than a port change from your old set up, the "listen {port}" should be enough... If you however would like to work with vhosts, i suggest you read this: (or if you're on 2.0, you're not on 2.2 from what i can see though)
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