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    Red face stephanhughson vs. FIREF0X

    I've read quietly all posts between FIREF0X and his hosting service provider Lunarpages (stephanhughson) . I concluded that FIREF0X is innocent and it's unfair for stephanhughson to claim that FIREF0X was lying.

    I agree with that saying: "When you are wrong you must admit, that will make you more reliable." And stephanhughson will win more respect and business. Don't fool around.

    Overselling is common practice. If I run the hosting service, I'll difinately play around with "free domain name" or "1% CPU usage" too, and I think FIREF0X should know that unspoken stuff upfront. But as hosting service provider you should inform the clients before you take any action against clients' interest, and help them work out a solution. Why didn't you allow FIREF0X to login his account to move out?? It's nothing harmful to your interest at all!! Most probably your staff did it by mistake. Everybody makes mistake. You just say "sorry, it's our mistake" and make correction, then everybody will be happy! It's that simple!! It's not wise to turn around and make one excuse after another to piss off the clients.

    Lunarpages had been No.1 on my shortlist but now I have to delete it as I don't want to have another FIREF0X story.

    My post comes without ad signuature, so be sure it's not biased.

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    Will this ever end? Unbelievable, I can't believe I reading this!

    I don't work for lunarpages now, I moved to another company a couple of months ago when I moved house, so it really doesn't matter what I say in regards to lunarpages.

    I can't believe I have to post again about this nonsense. The guy was using 40% AVERAGE CPU and had every chance to login to his account. I went miles out of my way to accomodate his needs, when I really didn't need to.

    You need to get your facts straight before making a judgement, you are way out of line.

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    Stephan, Dont let ignorance get under your skin. There are too many good clients out there that do not abuse hosts. 86 abusive clients and move on. Let them post all they want here. Ignorance of the poster is revealed.

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    Yeah, you are right, it's just annoying! But yeah, I won't let it get to me :-)

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