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    Servers in Amsterdam

    Seems as has went offline with no notice. Been 4 days now.

    I am looking for the following dedicated servers in Amsterdam

    1 gig of ram
    40-80 gig HD at least 7500 rpm
    Linux Fedora 4
    100 mbs
    1500 - 2000 gigs of transfer.

    Please let me know and thanks in advance .

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    No notice? as far as I know their move to Roksom is know for a couple of months already?

    Anyway, try Alternatives might be or (Completely Dutch though)

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    I have been trying to get a hold of John Strong. And no, no niotice to me in email form or phone call. This is why I am amazed but they had great - great service.

    Now if this is a billing error on my end, then I will gladly stay with them but no email returns from them to me. And I have sent 6 to support at iracks and 3 to j.strong at iracks.

    I will get one of my dutch buddies to send them an email. Thanks for the info on Iracks.

    Still searching for alternative. I can't be placed in a situation like this again.

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    520 heard they are pretty good.

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    Hi Slithius,

    I no longer work at iRacks, I'm not being rude in not answering your e-mails. I'm not getting them.

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    Sending you an email John. Thanks

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    I can't send you a pm John =o(

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    If you can let me know your first name or company you work for, I will get in touch.

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    www dot ventriloservers dot biz
    I'm one of the server admins there.

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    Thanks for the help John.

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    Try leaseweb, great service. Great price.

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