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    Question how to know free ports on my server?

    hello everyone
    how to know free ports on my server?

    thanks in advanced for your help



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    What kind of port? If you are talking about "virtual" running on port would depend on the setup of the vps.

    If you have a xen or vmware vps...I have no clue.

    If you have a openvz or virtuozzo vps..login to your out of your root directory...and type:

    cat proc/user_beancounters

    The resource you are looking is (I believe)

    NUMTCPSOCK (For TCP sockets)
    NUMOTHERSOCK (For other socket connections)

    If you see a number in the last column (Failcnt)..your vps has indeed reached the maximum number of sockets allowed...and connections have failed.

    Feel free to post further if this does not help.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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