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    "403 Forbidden" when I try to go to a folder with 755

    The folder is according to my FTP program chmod 755 but still when I visit the directory though the web browser it gives me the error "403 Forbidden". When I try to change the chmod in my FTP program I get the error "550 SITE CHMOD command failed.". What can the problem be? Yesturday I could get access to that folder with the MRTG graphs and today, just "403 Forbidden". What can have happened?

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    Oskar R

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    What does your apache error logs say? Is there an index.html or index.php file there? Sometimes you may get that error if there is no default page there.

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    Your web provider might be blocking indexes this would cause this, upload a index.php as dexxtreme suggested, that should identify what the problem is, if that works ask your provider to unblock indexes, or look through your cpanel usually an option in there

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    might be blocking indexing in .htaccess

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    Who own the folder?
    It seems like an ownership problem, could it be that this folder was created by an script, and therefore owned by nobody.nobody?
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    might be a server error i would contact your administrator

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    I'm the server administrator : ) and I don't know so no point of asking.. it's an unmanaged server without any control panel... but I havn't had any problems with anything until this MRTG directory started giving denied errors when I try to visit it though http...
    There is a index page and the folder isn't created by a script but by me manually.
    I havn't checked the apache error log because I havn't found it but I'll check and see if I find any information about it on the net.

    Regards /Oskar

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    Try making each directory in the path to your directory chmod 755.

    I have seen instances where apache wants EVERY directory to have world permisions 711 or 755.

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