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    [For Hire] Support Tech

    I am seeking a part time job in the web hosting industry.

    I was previously employed with Syris Technologies, however I can only assume I have been "let go". My only indication of this would be an expired help desk license key, and the owner being MIA for 3 weeks. My position was Support Manager.

    I am currently attending college as a Finance Major, however I have great knowledge in customer support for web hosting customers. I worked for SyrisTech for about 6 months, trying to keep up some kind of company image for their customers.

    Most of my experience is in managing Linux servers with cPanel, however I also have knowledge of Direct Admin and Windows based systems.

    Being a client of shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting I feel that I have been able to build up a good view from both sides and am able to handle customer disputes and technical requests in an efficient and professional manner.

    I will be happy to be paid either by ticket or hourly. I am available weeknights and weekends.

    Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

    Thank You.

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    I should mention in retrospect after doing my own research--

    The owner of SyrisTech was seriously injured and unable to conduct "business as usual". However, I still do not intend to return to the company.

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    Are you wanting to do live support or just tickets
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    I can do either or really. As long as I'm well educated as to what the company offers I don't mind doing sales either.

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