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    PR3 site with traffic and revenue


    Started this site on Nov 6th its reged at and has a PR of 3.
    Traffic and revenue is increasing daily.

    Site also includes over 3000 arcade games with images and descriptions that arnt on the site currently.
    The site uses script and will be included with the site, the script has been modded quite a bit and is very customizable and coded very well, also has a very nice admin panel.

    Stats: - awstats - Dec. adsense - Nov. adsense

    Looking for bids over $150
    BIN: $500

    PM me with any questions

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    BIN is now $300

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    u can see here that is running a valid Humor Software license and it is eligible for transfer.

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    bid of $150 has been recieved

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    Can you post all of the AWStats. Visitors are decent, but I want to see where they are coming from.
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    Dont ask about the forums that is on there lol, i have no clue how its gettin traffic from there and i cant even find a link on there at all.

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    Top bid so far is $170 and ends in 11 days.

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    changed auction end date to the 10th, which is this weekend, in 3 days

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