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    Lots of stuff, must go!!

    Hello! I have the following items for sale. Best offer in 3 days takes them! I do have the right to sell them to anyone who makes an offer before the 3 days are up.

    Template #1
    Includes .PSD Only. You may not use the Logo.

    Template #2
    Includes .PSD Only.

    Also my site, the domain expires this month. Its PR2 and best offer takes this too.

    I also have and considering offers on these as well. I have the right to not accept an offer on this with in the 3 days tho.

    This will be posted on WHT too.

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    This will be posted on WHT too.
    You mean there's another?

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    Meh I mean on EarnersForum lol. Sorry about that

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