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    quick raq4 question

    just restored a raq4 and its not asking for login information when I pull up the control panel. Ive tried resetting the admin password from the control panel with no luck. anyone know how to fix this?

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    On the Raq3 and 4 (but not more recent 550/Sausalito GUI) the front panel remembers you. I've never looked at how, but I'll guess it's a cookie. If you log in from another IP, or wait long enough, or perhaps close your browser or delete the cookie, you'll be asked to Authenticate again.

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    startup errors

    After you do the restore, you turn on the RaQ and setup a ip (easier via the term) and then goto that ip in a browser. There you wil see the start button for the setup wizard. click on the button and then fill in the blanks for the rest of it and your off and running! btw.. you don't need to register it

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