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    Selling One Premium Ad on a website with PR6, 40k uniques daily.

    I just offered premium spot on my company established website. there is only one spot available I won't be highering the price. I am selling to first one who applies.


    -PR 6
    -40,000 unique visitors daily
    -100,000 page views per day
    -Alexa: 30.000
    -Technorati blog rank: 3.000
    -appeared on CNN, NBC, Yahoo Recensions...

    over 3 million monthly impressions. this ad includes linking from PR6 website which will improve your search engine ranking.

    here's the offer:

    for more info and sales contact

    email: [email protected]
    Mighty Optical Illusions Co.

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    plz email me price and payment info asap plz

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    Attached link has official info. Basically you will get 3 million impressions per month.
    The pricing is 2,000$ for one month advertising. As stated below:

    I would appreciate answer from you or get in touch via msn so we can arrange it, since we have
    other interested parties as well. We aren't greedy, so there won't be any bidding or highering of the price.
    The price is fixed at the 2,000$ per month, which is cheap if you consider that sites with less traffic than
    ours - usualy charge 10,000$ monthly for lower service then ours. (check techcrunch dot com for example).

    The first party that decides to make a deal gets our premium advertising spot. Other parties can't apply
    until next month. If your budget is lower, you can always check other advertising opportunities in the link below.

    Our advertising solution is pay-per-month. It is up to you to decide weather image ad (banner) or text link
    ad will show up. The ad get's 3 million impressions per month. The price for one month is 2.000$ what
    translates to very low CPM. Cheaper and better offer you won't find.

    More info on this offer and and other possibilities to advertise on Mighty Illusions (info below

    What is your opinion, expected goal and budget?



    Way of payment: wire transfer (IBAN; SWIFT), check

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    2 Grand?

    That is a lot of money to pay someone with 17 posts via wire....

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    I'm not a regular on this forum, I just offered my service to users here. You can always get in touch with me: personal/email/MSN

    you can check my site by yourself on alexa, iwebtool and simmilar, you can use google to browse for my site... and by all this you can get sure my stats are perfectly true.

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