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    Download speed from webhost

    Hi guys

    Been with my webhost for 3 years now with almost no problem very happy good support and almost never down.

    Anyways for about 3 weeks now my download rate droped down to about 50 kb/s - 150 kb/s.

    Had 6 guys around the USA check it and 3 of them got the same low speed as me and the other 3 had normal download rats 1.1 MB/s 600 kb/s and 700 kb/s so i guess it is not the host.

    Why would this be happening to some of us?

    Run a tracert no problem I ping 14 with no problems on any of the routers.
    and I still download at normal speed around 700 kb/s at every other site only my own site is slow now.

    So if it isn't the host or my connection what could cause this?
    very wierd

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    It is possible that your host added or removed a bandwidth carrier to their service which is not providing the same throughput.

    If you can, try another site at the same host and check the speeds.

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    Seems to effect only cable owners.

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