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    * PHP CACHE or Accelerator for Windows


    I was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

    My problem related to a PHP forum i have installed on my webserver. Its Invision board 2.1.7 and has around 100k posts and 6k members.

    The problem I have is that now that ive relocated my forum from my old webhost to this server ive noticed a considerable change in page gen times. During no-load and the cpu is all but free, the page (of the board index page) gen shows 0.5seconds. When the server is busy with my other applications the page gen time is 2.5seconds. Ive also noticed when the board index page is hit the cpu spikes to 30%~50%, this is on a xeon system. This spike does at times lag the other programs im hosting on the server.

    On my old webhost the board index page would take 0.05seconds thats 1/10 of my best load time with no cpu load.

    Ive been researching into PHP Cache and optimizing mysql. Ive optimised mysql but I cant find a PHP Cache for windows. Ive tried installing MMCache but im running IIS/PHP (isapi) and I can't see it making a not even sure how to check that ive installed it properly lol.

    Well id appreciate any help wit this im kinda hopin its a common prob (at least for windows server owners).

    BTW Im renting a windows server becuz im hosting a service that requires mssql. The app wasnt made by me so I cant change it (not easily).

    Any recommendations?


    PS: I have searched lik no man has searched b4 and no solution was windows friendly
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    Ive actually managed to install eAccelerator. Through an unofficial page i found the compiled binaries for windows and added them into the PHP.ini. With it i get a 0.5sec improvement but that means my normal load time is around 1.5seconds which sux.

    Kinda thinkin its mysql thats really slowing it down. Nobody?

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    Juz wish to finalize this incase someone needs it one day .

    Ive spent my spare hours of the last day to tackle this issue. I've found that the 2second load time was due to the 'Active users' section of the forum and it was adding 1.5seconds, ipb has some cpu-saving settings and u can disable it so i did.

    This brought me down to around 0.5~1 second load times for the page. I reactived e-accelerator and this is were it really took off, after updating all my caches from the forum control panel I went to test my board load time.

    Im happy to say that the load time now is hardly over 0.05~0.07seconds thats even with the server pretty active on other applications, pretty good for a windows webserver and all the cpu spikes to 30% are now reduced to a measily 5% which blink and go away compared to the 2-3seconds the forum was hogging the cpu at 30% for before.

    Lik i said posting this juz incase someone finds it useful someday and hopefully save them a few hours work .

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