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    Looking for 2 designs - $150-$250 budget


    I am looking for 2 designs.

    One is for an online pimps game i have and the other is for an arcade site using PHPAS.

    I need at least one of them done in 3 days. and the other in maximum a week.
    I will pay via paypal.

    Please pm with your portfolio as i really need to start this.

    I will pay you $50 in advance and the rest when the design is finished.

    Thank you!

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    Just the design with no coding?

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    Oh, sorry about that.
    Yes, it must include coding as well.
    The design must be stretchable so when i put content the tables won't get messed up.


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    My skills is perfect for this project.. I might as well ask if the project is still available? Thank you and could you please PM me your msn messenger for fast transaction.

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    already have a designer.

    Thank you.

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