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    Wanted Header/Logo

    Am doing a site for someone and i need a bit of graphics work done for the top of the page,

    Basically its for a website about a villa, i am having a horizontal menu bar with the links across the page, what i would like coming out of the horizontal menu bar is a a sun (setting) and as a silhouette in the sun need some land and some a villa shape (i have an image of the villa). This will all be on the left of the page, then to the right a bit of see fading into the sky, so that it ends about 800px accorss and then can have a background image of just sky colour to ensure it works with different resolutions. I also need the site name in it somewhere and needs to look classy.

    Budget isnt huge but taking offers, needs to be a nice bit of work and depending on quality you can look forward to future work if you are interested.

    Please pm me with cost and examples.

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    had a couple of offers anyone else interested?

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    Position filled.


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