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    Offsite redundancy

    If I wanted to clone our MailEnable Enterprise 2.0 mail server to an offsite location in order to provide redundancy, anybody have some suggestions on how I would go about doing so?

    I understand that I can use multiple A records or MX records to do sort of a round-robin, but what I'm concerned about is synching the data.

    I know that the enterprise version supports clustering, but doesn't that require a shared data source such as a NAS. Would I need a NAS at each location and use rsync or something to keep them in sync?

    Right now we have everything stored in file format instead of database, would it need to be switched to database?

    Basically the approach i'm looking for is that a user can go to and no matter which server they are sent to they can log in with the same username/password and have the same settings. If they change their password or add something to their calender on server1 it gets replicated to server2.

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    I am not familiar at all with MailEnable, but i can tell you that it is unlikely you will succeed at this.

    Usually setups like this are on a shared storage network all in one location. If you start syncing files back and forth, you will likely run into file locking problems.

    You might be able to configure it to send a copy of any messages to different locations, but as for calendar data, i doubt it.

    If your software has the option to use an SQL server technology, then you could technically have a central SQL server to do it (or maybe even cluster two servers) however across the internet this is not really a recommended solution.

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