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    * Reviews needed. New site.

    Hello everyone,

    I've launched a new site for people interested in public speaking, leadership, and success:

    Toastmaster Talk

    The primary feature is the forums. But if you can, please also comment on:

    - The article section
    - The links
    - The blog
    - The about page

    How is the layout? The design? I still have to work on validation and accessibility, but as of right now, it seems to work fine in IE6 and Firefox on WinXP.

    I've focused on SEO from the ground up, and I'm pretty happy with the ads Google is running. I have not actively started promoting the site yet. I'm going to spend another week tweaking before doing any kind of advertising.


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    Not bad layout. The google ads in that spot seem quite disturbing though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwong512
    Not bad layout. The google ads in that spot seem quite disturbing though.
    How are they disturbing? Are the colors bad? What would you suggest?

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    It's clean and simple. The ads pertain to the scope of the site. And being someone who could probably use this site, I think I'll return. Nice job!

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    Yes, i like it - it has a slick look to it, now the hard task to get subscribers.

    Good luck

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    Very clean layout, quick to load. One thing i'd do is standardize the text on the site, one page is times, ones arial, and another one is tahoma. I'd fix that up and then you'll be sitting pretty.
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    Default skin, not very active.

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    Hello everyone, thanks for the comments.

    The font tip is a good one...I will look to standardize the font more.

    The phpbb skin isn't the default, but it's pretty close I guess. I still like it. My target audience probably won't have a lot of experience with phpBB forums, so I don't think it will look "defaulty" to them.

    Getting subscribers is the hard part...but it's also fun.

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    Site design is clean and simple, I like it. Also like the domain name and the forum topic (I've never seen a forum for public speaking...). Creating a forum community is very difficult though (I recently tried one myself and quickly found out just how difficult). Chicken and the egg. Noone posts if there are no posts already... I'm not sure I'd put the ads up until I was established... People are fickle. Good luck!

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    Hey guys,

    I've revised the the site a little, primarily with the header and the phpBB color scheme. Any comments appreciated.



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    I like your forum, but aren't you afraid of using phpbb skin, why not go for vbulletin, which is paid, but you won't suffer from hackers that often.
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    Go with what is in your budget and grow over time is what I always say. PHPBB2 is a great software that many people are familiar with and it's functions.

    If, as with most third party script, you keep it updated on a regular bases, you can avoid many of the security issues that might arise.

    The crew at PHPBB2 is normally very responsive on fixing holes when they come up.

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    Sorry. I'm just posting to get 5 posts...

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    Sorry for 2nd time. I'm just posting to get 5 posts...

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    i like the layout but i think maybe u should change the color too many forums are blue

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