Hello all, seems there have been alot of great templates selling around here the last week or so, so here's my contribution to the success rate (fingers crossed).

I have today an original hosting website design.

It is currently uncoded, so you can purchase both PSD's for just $75. If you would like to hire me to make any minor changes to them (such as links and sitename) and code the design, I'm asking only $100 total.

My coding is all valid tableless XHTML/CSS, and cross-browser compatible. I am highly proficient and have short turn around time.

This is a great deal, because buying exclusive rights to high-end templates can be several hundred or even thousands of dollars. The buyer of this template will get exclusive rights to resell or use however they desire, and the design will never be resold by me.

Please post here, PM, email, or MSN. Paypal is preferred.

Disclaimer: The name used for preview purposes is just something generic i put up, and no reflection on any real company is intended.