below is my list of turnkey sites for sale. Most names are newer, but not all so please check whois for dates. $25
name is pretty clear, offers large package to allow people to write a living will. $35
here is a still of a deal on a 1000 page custom site built for adsense, term is mostly seo and should pay pretty well. $25
donnt we all have unwanted lbs? This diet site offers 3 products for sale. $25
wanna trace your roots? Wanna help others trace theirs? Wanna just sell a product? $25
site offers 4 different products/services plus adsense on site $25
an affiliate site, but great name and you should have decent conversion as the affiliate should be an easy sell. I use the affiliate $20
free ring tone site $20
As the name implies, site offers free US government grant info $25
yoga anyone? $25
spoil your pet with pet treat recipes, or help other do that for fee. $25
site sells 40 adsense sites for one low price. $29
nice Reciprocal link directory, this name isnt new and should check whois for dats, but I have had this strong name for a year or two. Name is worth much more. $29
great software, one sale makes a profit, articlebuild is an up and coming site, and this name should be bought by them in my worthless opinion $25
nice little directory, header is likely worth the $25, great little name too $25
stock market portal of course. $15 $15 $15
affiliate site on a name that might get some traffic.

all sites are turnkey, names are at enom. Payment by paypal, enom push, then send ftp data. Can help move for fee depending on your server. You get domain, all files, and any product offered, unless affiliate based. Please PM or post with questions or to claim.

Added this from another one of my posts as it has more details.
The Details: If you want the site, post sold and PM, but at least PM me. I also need the time you expect to send payment as I wont hold site for long as too many people just dont pay. The names are all at enom. If you dont have an enom account I can set you up a free one. The names arent 60 days old so they can not be pulled, and you can not push from one company to another. A free enom push is all we can do. After paypal payment, I will push name to your enom account. I can load the whole site as a zip if needed, but if not I will give cpanel access and FTP data. I can install the sites on most servers for small fee, and I offer annual hosting at $25 per year per name if needed. As mentioned all sites are turnkey, meaning the sites are not orginal, but they are ready to go as they sit. Any products offered are included, save the one that is affiliate. You get domain, all files of site, and any product offered.

Feel free to ask any questions I didnt cover. Thanks.
Thanks for looking.