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    * how to tansfer domain from namecheap to godaddy -- selling


    I found a person willing to purchase my for $15 and would like me to transfer my domain (from namecheap) to his account at


    1) How do i go about this ?

    2) Should i have him transfer money FIRST to my paypal account and ONLY then transfer to him? ---

    3) Is this a fair amount for this domain?


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    price is fair in my oppinion...

    I'd first do the transfer to him, then he should pay.
    that's how I always did this. Especially with godaddy it's never a problem cause you could argue that he hasn't paid and so on ...

    just UNLOCK the domain, get the EPP Transfer Code and tell the EPP Code to him.

    the transfer normally should take around 3-5 days

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    Personally, I find transfering domains to GoDaddy, incomprehensible. Maybe it's just me. If he's done it before, then it should be ok.

    He needs to initiate a transfer request at GoDaddy. For that, you need to provide him with the EPP code. You will find that under the domain's Registrar Lock. You will need to also unlock the domain and ensure any whoisguard is removed. When you get the approval email from GoDaddy, it expects you to login to GoDaddy (the illogical part). So just give the email to the buyer and let him work it all out.
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