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    RegisterFly are probably the worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Domains cannot be renewed.

    Live support from the site does not work.

    I have an important domain that must be renewed so I use telephone support.

    I contact them yesterday and I am 16th in the queue with a 66 minute wait (I am calling from the UK btw). Approximately an hour later, I reach "Chris" who states he has no idea when the renewals will be up and that it could be today, could be Monday but he has no idea.

    I ask him who is dealing with the matter within RegisterFly and how I go about escalating this and he replies that he is the only person here and cannot do anything to help me. I ask for some telephone numbers for senior members in the company...we don`t give out that information he replies.
    So I ask for another phone number instead of having to queue again for an hour if I want an update...this is the only number.

    After much dialogue (not heated I add but just me questioning the way they operate) he decides to terminate the call. Appalling attitude.

    I try again today (am on the phone to them in a queue as I write this as the renewals are still down). Just a 45 minute call so far.

    I have persevered with these people lately in light of much criticism from all over the web but now really is the time to move my 100 domains because this service is truly abysmal.

    This renewals problem has been ongoing for months.

    I urge people to leave them and do them some damage which maybe the wake-up call that they clearly need.
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    Update: I started todays call "4th in line with an estimated wait time of less than than two minutes"

    50 minutes later I am first in line and still listening to music.

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    Can`t wait any longer. 60 minutes waiting and no answer.

    Given up.

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    I face the same problem.I waited for 70 minutes and I am calling from Singapore.I have two domains waiting to transfer still waiting for registerfly.One domain renewal over three days and no reply.

    I have lost domain because of registerfly

    I checked with the US Goverment website,asking me to lodge a complaint against registerfly.Anyone in US can comment on that?

    I thought US is very tough on consumer care.

    I checked on the internet and lots of people wanted to get a lawyer to sue them,but how come nothing has been done?

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    I wonder if it will do any good to file a complaint to the BBB?

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    I just sent an email to this department and check with them

    Can we contact by messenger like MSN or Yahoo regarding registerfly issue?

    Drop me a private message and we will exchange ID.

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