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    Free Stats Script/Service That Emails Results?

    Hi guys,

    I've turned off my adsense (and thus lost potential moolah) ever since I got
    their warning email for invalid impressions. Unfortunately I just couldn't get
    them to tell me what specifically set off their radar.

    However, their emails gave me a couple of clues to work on. I think I've
    found a few answers, but this also presents a potential problem.

    Essentially this means I'll have to check my traffic stats every day for any
    activity that might be "suspicious". But I can't seem to find one that meets
    my needs.

    I need a php script or 3rd party service (preferably free, of course) that can
    do the following:

    1. Log visitor stats based on IP address, date and time stamp, location, etc.
    More importantly, where each visit came from (e.g. from search engine, direct
    hit, forum, traffic exchange site, etc.).

    2. Email me (like every 11:59AM or something) the stats for the day.

    I've used webalizer and awstats. So far they don't seem to do both 1 & 2.

    Anyone know of such that does what I stated above?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Just log anyone and everyone who views your adsense using their ip.

    here's a simple script:


    PHP Code:

    $user "username";
    $pass "password";
    $db "adsense_log";

    $link mysql_connect($host$user$pass) or die(mysql_error());

    mysql_query(sprintf("INSERT INTO table_name ('log_id','user_ip','page_name','when') VALUES (NULL, '"$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] ."', '"$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] ."', '"date('d/m/y h:i:s a') ."')"), $link);



    Now simply include this page anywhere you want show your adsense.
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    check out phpmyvisites. It does:

    * Send statistics by email
    * Statistics in a RSS feed
    * Generate a PDF presenting all statistics for site 1
    * Generate a PDF presenting a statistics summary

    and more.

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    if you cron it correctly awstats will email you a .pdf daily, mine does.

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    I use and am quite happy with their free service.

    BTW, a friend of mine added ad search to his page (a high traffic site) and made over $150 in the first month. He received an email from Google accusing him of click-fraud. My friend replied asking for more details since he never once used the ad search himself. Google never replied back. I have a feeling whenever someone is making good money on their services they might send out one of these emails. The whole model is flawed placing Google's ad empire on shakey ground. Perhaps this is just one strategy they use to curtail cheating (accusing everyone that is)?

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    Thanks for the answers, folks. I'll give 'em a shot, especially since it never hurts to
    use a belt and suspender approach.

    BTW, thought I'd share with you a free script that supposedly blocks your adsense
    from showing to an IP if clicked on an nth number of times for a period of time: it's . So far it hasn't blocked anyone since they haven't reached the limit
    I set, but I'll make it "stricter".

    Thanks again.

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