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    WANTED: System administrator

    I am looking for a reliable/trustworthy systemadministrator for my dedicated server.

    Serverspecs are:
    Pentium 4 D 3,6 Ghz
    2 Gig Ram

    OS: Debian ( GERMAN)
    Hosting panel VHCS2

    I currently have a systemadministrator that im not happy with.
    He has been working on setting up the server/hosting panel and moving my existing sites for several months now, and they are still not moved. Server was hacked a few weeks ago ect. ect.
    Im looking for someone who can set things up quick and efficient.

    The current status of the server is that most things are setup already, but we just find out that VHCS2 doesnt support multiple domains on one IP adress ( shared hosting) Need to find a solution for this... ( either switch hosting panel, or find a way to add more domains to one IP )

    Then i need a solution for DNS control. I want to run my own nameservers on the server. I need a userfriendly controlpanel so i can make my own DNS changes ( add/remove domains ect.)

    If you are a professional guy, please contact me.

    Best regards,

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    i just noticed that i cannot access my pm box ( i guess i have to little posts)

    Please contact me here:


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    Have you thought about changing to cPanel if you want your own DNS solution and transferring accounts is easy then

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    Hi Linuxtechie
    Cpanel is quite expensive ( i only have like 15 sites)
    VHCS is a free panel.. Though i would consider switching to Directadmin ( wich has a 299,- lifetime option and also DNS hosting..

    To the person who send me a PM: Please contact me at this Email adress :

    I cannot access my pm box(!?) thanks

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    We did some work for you in the summer. Please send me an email at marc[at] and we can send you some possibilities for you.


    Your Way IT
    Fully Managed Colocations System Administration Web Development
    Toll Free: 1-866-775-4787

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    I would love to chat about working with you. Please contact me via any of the methods below:

    Email: cmiller [ at ] servermotion [ dot ] com
    MSN: <same as email>
    AIM: ee99ee


    Chris Miller

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