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    Looking for ASP.NET hosting

    I'm currently looking for ASP.NET hosting along with MS SQL. Do you guys have any suggestion?
    I need about 3 - 5 GB of space (or above if possible), bandwidth is not a big deal, about 100GB, about 300 - 400MB of MS SQL space.

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    what is your budget?
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    about $10/month or below. It's ok for $12, or $15, but I'm still a student, so as low as possible :-P

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    You're not going to find reliable ASP.NET / SQL hosting for ~$15 and get those allocations. I would suggest that you 1) dramatically increase your budget or 2) dramatically decrease your quotas.

    Once you've done either of those, do a search on H-Sphere on this forum. H-Sphere has a great infrastructure for delivering ASP.NET and SQL hosting, with its clustering abilities.

    Just as a sidebar: The quotas you require would, in my opinion, usually cost around $80-$120 per month. The 400MB of SQL space is a big factor in that.

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    Maybe you are right. But I found some hosting provider that match what I wanted. Can anybody tell me if they are reliable? (scroll down and select the "Compare Plans -Windows" tab)


    Sorry, I don't have enough posts to post direct link. So please copy them to your address bar. I appreciate that.

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    I also found this one:

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    they cannot be within the OP budget
    gianhut: if you use the search feature on the top, you can find out many threads about the hosts you listed. However, if you keep your budget at that level, yes, you can find out somewhere to offer that, but I believe you will need another new house in short time. It's your choice!

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    I used to use boundgrid very reliable

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