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    HSPComplete Look Pretty Snazzy...

    Hey Guys,

    Had a look at HSPComplete from swsoft, looks pretty fantastic! Thought maybe you'd all want to check it out and offer opinions, Do you think it could take the place of ModernBill or WHMCS?

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    You haven't seen the pricing structure yet. The system may be there, but the pricing is no where near where it would need to be to even compete with ModernBill or WHMCS.

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    Ahhhh that's what I was afraid of... Damn got my hopes up and everything!

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    Well we are actually using HSPcomplete now since about 2 years and run the latest version (except 3.3 for which an upgrade is not ready from 3.2)...

    We have been facing many issues with this software but I can say that swsoft team is - in most of the time - very dedicated to correcting the bugs...

    I would say this software will really be THE SOFTWARE for managing a virtual datacenter in a few month.

    From what I have heard, they have been stabilizing a lot of features in version 3.3. I just really hope the migration process from one plesk server to another one to be easier. We had to migrate few plesk servers to another datacenter and it was a nightmare. I cannot enter here into details here but swsoft told me that version 3.2 was not ready for that but that 3.3 is... Lets see... I can explain some details on which you really have to take care here if you want...

    Even if in most of the time we really felt the beta testers of a commercial software I really think it will be very soon a great software and I am very glad we acquired the license 2 years ago.

    Honestly I would still recommend it !
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    from the client side... its not that easy to recognize.

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