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    Question streaming DVDs on the web, or convert it

    I have 5 DVDs that would like to place on the web for streaming (personal for a client). He does video work and likes to change them every week.
    Now the question is, Can I stream the DVD by placing it in the DVD and have it play on the web (less work for me)? (I do not think I can do that but thought I would check).

    If I cannot stream the DVD directly, what is the quickiest way to convert it so it streams it, (the less steps and work the better) these DVDs can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours long. very decent quality and have to be that way on the net?
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    If you want to stream high quality movies the you'll probably need a server that's set up to do this properly, ordinary http:// might not be enough. has some good info on the matter, and this page as well

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