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    Hosting companies' uniqueness

    I've been with an obscure web host, Powweb, and Registerfly for over a year.

    Obscure web host offering unlimited bandwidth: super slow server, $49 rip off, included stats didn't work lol NEVER LOOK AT UNKNOWN COMPANIES

    Powweb: ummm... it's rather below average(in everything!). 18 months promotion crap and I had to pay for the domain after 12 months. I couldn't find something unique... I received my affiliate payment after... almost two years!!!

    Registerfly: $20 VPS plan is very basic and somewhat restricted. I really like their whois protection(except for .ca domains) and insanely cheap domain prices(coupons!). Their support is reliable, but the system itself is bugged and missing some things.

    I just got DreamHost! It took 5 minutes for my new .com to appear on the web! Sometimes RegisterFly took a week and never registered my domains! DH's hosting is great since all my PHP codes worked. Weird that their free subdomains took a day to propagate.

    NetFirms is also new to me... cheapest domains and very uptight about new customers. I transfered 2 domains and signed up for one, but I can't transfer or sign up more until they wait and see.

    If you experienced first hand something unique about a host, please join in!

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    for domain registrars we always used very good, quick and easy to manage GUI panel.
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