Be Top Dollar allows advertisers to promote their websites and services on this website by outbidding the current top advertiser in increments of $1. You will remain the advertising leader until someone outbids you! Bidding begins at $1 and it starts from there. Users are allowed to continually bid at any time to keep the top spot once they are outbid.

An example of how the bidding works:

Advertiser 1 bids $1. To outbid Advertiser 1, the next Advertiser must bid $2 ($1 bid increment.) Now on the buy a link page there is a spot to upload a 728×90 banner and a 468×60 banner. If you are the top dollar your link will show first and your 728×90 banner will be shown up top. Now when a person buys a link that is $1 more their 728×90 banner will be shown and your 468×60 banner will be shown below it.

Now, you might be asking yourself “Why should I bid against others to advertise on Be Top Dollar?” Basically, Be Top Dollar is a unique niche website that will bring internet advertising to a whole new level. Advertisers will compete and bid for the top spot, where you will get more clicks, creating a competitive environment. While you won’t be advertising towards a targeted audience, promotion by other website owners and media buzz will drive traffic to Be Top Dollar making the site’s visitor numbers grow.

For those who want free traffic to their websites without buying a link, if you go to and put the banner code on your site everytime someone clicks the banner the link to your site is listed here. Every visitor to the site has access to this page. I will be putting more banners in different sizes on that page over the next couple days.