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    Review Think Computer


    If anyone has ideas as to how Think Computer's site could be better, I'd love to hear them. Fire away:


    Aaron Greenspan
    President & CEO, Think Computer Corporation

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    Hi Aaron,

    I think the 'Your CPA Is ....' part is a bit oversized. I would downsize it and it will still look good. Maybe you should also remove the first two horizontal grey lines. The two lines on the bottom are good, but the one on top and the one in the middle of your page doesn't seem to fit in there. Maybe you could add a real header (a graphic and maybe also a horizontal menu) on top of your page.
    I also have the feeling there's too much white space right now.

    I hope you can do something with my review.
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    This may be a strange thought but I have one

    Now days a lot of people are using big monitors. with 19 inch being less than 250 now 1280X1024 will be quickly coming up as the standard. Right now it is 1024X768.

    That being said, for anyone with a large monitor the site looks akward. since it's aligned left. It's just a thought but maybe you could center it? That would make it look a lot better in a large monitor. Granted I have a 30" LCD so it's clearly exagerated, but i think it might be a good idea.

    Again, don't read too much into my thought. my resolution isn't normal (2560X1600)

    The design looks great.

    Here's a screen cap
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    I agree about the lines, the one at the top works ok but the bottom one looks like an error of some kind. I would put those links at the top so people can start drilling down into your sight right away.

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    Sometimes the level of quality of a website must match what you are trying to sell... eg. a website for a grass roots movement might be edgy and less professional looking than a website advertising IT consultants and credit card processing services. There is nothing wrong with your design except that it is not 'professional' enough to feel reputable for these types of services. The ads on the IT consulting page further ad to that undesirable feel. Interestingly enough, a grass roots site that was too 'professional' might fail because the target users might reject it...

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