Greetings. I am currently running a contest for a mascot which will be used for a "fictional" radio station. Details regarding the contest and information as far as requirements for the mascot are located below. This contest ends on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 12:00am EST. All questions should be directed to me via e-mail.

This mascot will be used for a "fictional" radio station called "107.2 Turtle". As per the name, we are looking for a turtle either listening to music (ex: with a headset on) or something of that similar nature.

The mascot should be fun, interactive and vibrant. This radio station is a mix of all music from country, to hip-hop, to general rock-and-roll. The mascot should not be themed for one specific music genre (ex: wearing a cowboy hat). Preference is that the turtle is standing in an up-right/casual/dancing position. If you think otherwise, by all means... submit your attempt! As you know, turtles are green - lets have a green turtle! A general example of the "style" can be seen here. Please note, that the mascot should be retro and vibrant (not "clip-arty" like the preview).

The selected entry will be rewarded with $75.00+ depending on quality of the work. This will be sent via PayPal. Please be aware that this contest is in-fact active at several other smaller, graphic development communities, as well as they are being worked on by several colleagues.