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    video streamin help?

    hi i m tryin to embed a video in a webpage
    the video is a divx video with .avi extension i tried to convert it in a wmv or quicktime format but it is not getting converted so i was wondering if anyone in here can help me and advice me if i will be able to stream a divx video in a webpage and where can find the embed code for it

    Thanks for all the help in advance

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    no replies huh

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    If you want to convert it correctly and have it adjust for size, etc. You should get the MS encoder. Very fast, very easy and it's free

    Then, if you hyperlink to the video outside of the embeded stuff, use mms:// instead of http:// and it will send it to the media player directly
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    You may want to just upload it to YouTube or Google Video and just use thier embed codes.

    If you want to make your own player and create your own streaming FLV file hoever, its fairly simple.
    Sorenson Squeeze is the program you will be needing along with a copy of Flash.
    The never version have a premade Video player that you can just link your name.flv file to. Upload all three files, and there you go

    Good luck!

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