Hello WHT'ers,

I currently have over 3 years of server administration experience in the hosting market dealing with popular control panels such as DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, Webmin, and much more. I focus on the optimization aspect of administration which includes tweaking the server's configuration exactly to an application's needs to significantly boost performance. Here are some example services which I would like to offer everyone here today, but if you are interested in something custom, please don't hesitate to send me a PM or e-mail to gvirdi [at] medialayer [dot] com (sorry, just don't want any spam bots after me ).

* Apache upgrade to latest version, 1.3.37 for cPanel, 2.2.3 (excellent performance!) for DirectAdmin.

* Tweaking of Apache configuration. Installation of custom modules such as mod_security, mod_proxy, mod_deflate/mod_gzip, and much more.

* PHP upgrade to 4.4.4 or 5.2.0. Custom compilation for advanced performance. PHP Op-Code cache installation for even better performance.

* Installation of custom PHP modules, pear modules, etc.

* Installation of a setup to run both PHP versions at once without two separate servers or HTTP daemons.

* MySQL optimization and tweaks for greater performance. Upgrade to 5.0.x if control panel and application supports it for even greater performance.

* TCP/IP stack optimization for faster file transfers and responsiveness.

* Installation of APF, BFD, SIM, and other scripts for security if required.

These services can be offered at very competitive rates along with very timely completion.

Please let me know if you are interested. Both PM and e-mail (gvirdi [at] medialayer [dot] com) is fine.

Thank you,