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    Anybody know why this happens in higher resolutions?

    I have noticed that the higher I set the resolution the slower my mouse arrow moves.

    When I have it set at 800X600 res the mouse arrow moves nice and fast at normal pace. It slows down a TINY bit in 1024X768 and in 1280X1024 the mouse arrow slows down even more.

    I have my mouse set at the fastest speed possible because I cannot stand a sluggish arrow. But why on earth is it that the mouse arrow slows down the higher the res?

    I just set it at 1024X768 to test it and in that res my mouse arrow slows down quite a bit.

    Anybody else notice this issue?

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    Edit: oops... yes the mouse arrow does slow down a bit but I fixed it by setting it at the faster speed... I was adjusting the wrong setting before by accident. Silly me.... I thought i already ahd it at the fastest but I didn't.
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    Good to see you fixed it. Just as an FYI, the reason it is slower in a higher resolution is because there is more screen for it to move over. TECHNICALLY it is moving just as fast as it was on 800x600, but it's automatically going to be faster moving across the whole screen when the screen is 800 pixels wide than when it is 1280 pixels wide.

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