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    * Current Bottleneck - throughput?

    Hi Everyone..

    Just wanted to say I have visited this forum sooo many times, gathering much information, but this is my first actual post!

    I'm working with a server right now that is recieving about 110+ mySQL queries/sec and I'm pretty sure I have everything optimised. MySQL and apache logs look good and I'm not maxing anything out.

    The goal of this project, as any project out there, requires speed. With less speed, more conversions are lost and monetization of the service slips away.

    I'm pretty sure that we have a bottleneck, and I think it is throughput.. or bandwidth whatever the correct term is.

    My current situation is I have two run of the mill 2.4ghz celeron boxes, 1 gig ram, and the bottom of the barrel connection.. I think it is a 100mbps port on a 8 port switch, probably sharing with 6 other clients that are stealing my speed!

    What should I do? Is it advantageous to switch to a "100Mbps dedicated port" ?

    Just need a little advice on a path forward. Thank you.


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    server load and memory usage?
    may be you need a high end server for the databases.

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    I'm not sure this is the case, as current CPU loads are at about 0.30 - 0.40 at peak load. Also, ram is usually 80-100% utilized, but no spillage into swap.

    At what point should someone switch to 10Mbps, 100Mbps, etc..

    Thank you,

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