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    Stay away from PacNames - Terrible registrar

    Stay away from for registrations and/or hosting, they are terrible.

    They have a poor, amature web interface that is badly programmed, often time logging you out when you try and view anything help related. It also doesn't allow you to unlock your domain for transfer.

    I was unable to use it to change DNS servers when I needed to change my domain's DNS servers due to an outage. It just returned an error page with no reason what might be wrong.

    Of course repeated calls to their support line, which is only staffed business hours, not evening or weekends, just lead to an answering machine, I could only leave 2 messages because after hours they don't even offer you a chance to leave a message, they just say see the webstie.

    Same with with several emails to their support email address, no response.

    I wouldn't even have my domain hosted with them if they hadn't made it so hard to get it unlocked for transfer, I missed my narrow window of opportunity or I would have been gone.

    They make it darn near impossible to get your domain unlocked for transfer, check their terms of service, there are only very limited times you are even allowed to request it and they have a bunch of hoops you have to jump through during that time to get it unlocked.

    Stay away from them at all costs, there are much better registrars. I only point all this out to save you the headachs I have with them.

    They can't go down the tubes fast enough for me.


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    Ive never heard of them before. Was your account "free" hosting possibly? - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    I wish it was a free account, I think I paid about 35 bucks a year for some number of years about 6 years ago with a company called TotalNIC that was purchased by this lame outfit.

    I swear I will do whatever it takes to get them to release my domain name and get rid of them this year even if I have to go to court.

    Be glad you have never heard of them.

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    I think that does help, thank you very much!

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    This seems more suited in the Domain Name Forum. Moved.

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    They used to be called something else corenic or something?

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    no, corenic is a good registrar with most customers is Germany, Switzerland and Austria ->
    I think you mix that up with something, as he mentioned above it was Totalnic and they really made troubles a long time ago.
    then the transfer policy for com/net changed (admin email doesn't need to authorize transfer) so most of the "unlucky" customers could escape from them. no with EPP Codes on com/net they might make troubles again...

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