So what's the site?

But what's it all about?
It's mainly a Teen Community. Forums, Chatrooms, Arcade, Profiles, the works. Our user base is people between 13-25, most members are around 18-20 though. Right now we have 138,732 posts.

How many hits are you getting?
In October we received over 300,000 hits according to Google Analytics.

Where can I advertise?
You can advertise in the following places:
- On EVERY page of every thread. (Thread Banner)
- Within the head design of the site, we even design this banner so it's incorporated! (Sponsor Banner)
- Above every game in the arcade and on all arcade pages. (Arcade Banner)
- On the right hand side of the Registration page, Private Messaging pages and a few other nifty places. (Vertical Banner)
- At the bottom of EVERY page on the site. (Text Link)
- At the beginning of our upcoming bi-monthly show and also featured as sponsor of one feature in the show, TF:tv. - To be published across the web in many different formats, around 40 mins long. (TV Ad)
- Feel free to make offers toward other places such as a one off PM to all members and sponsoring Email updates etc.

So what's it gonna cost me?
Thread Banner - $32 a Month.
Sponsor Banner - $30 a Month.
Arcade Banner - $32 a Month.
Vertical Banner - Make an offer.
Text Link - $2.50 a Month.
TV Ad - Make us an offer.

Why is it so cheap? What's the catch?
Well Teen Forums does not exist to make money, we just would like to cover costs. Anything extra is spent on advertising and upgrading the servers.

How can I pay?
Via Paypal. ([email protected])
You can pay for text links straight away by just including link details and your email with the payment and I'll let you know when your link is online.

Okay, I'm interested. How can I contact you?
Feel free to contact me using any one of the following methods:
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
These Forums: Just drop off a PM.

One last thing. How many other banners will mine be roated with?
None, everything is static so you get the most out of your advertising with us. We don't need to take on a huge abundance of Ads and we don't want to.