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    Why can you not have burstable power?

    Are there any colocation providers who actually charge you on power used and not by amp circuit provided (regardless of power consumed by servers)? Most of the time my servers are idle and I would much rather pay by actual power consumed. Why don't more people ask for this?



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    To meet electrical codes, everything has to be installed to meet the peak load. So if your servers peak at 30 amps total actual, they need to install 30 amps of power, plus breakers, transformers UPS, and generator, etc; PLUS an additional 8 amps
    The additional 8 amps requirement is due to the '80%' rule

    So it gets to the point where the cost of energy from the local utility is less then 50% of the total cost to supply the power when all that equipment is amortized.

    That said, we have done large cages for large clients with electrical submeters, where they have paid based on actual kWh usage; with a separate fee for amortizing breakers, transformers UPS, and generator costs

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    There are companies that will do what is called "sub-metering" your power. Basically you get a panel with a meter on it.

    You have to do about something like 200 amps of power before they will talk to you about this. I know that Digital Realty Trust in Univision Tower in Dallas will do this, I cannot remember the name of their Colocation outlet, it is long forgotten.....rightefully so......
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