Welcome! Here's a summary:

Company name: EGGYCrew Private Hosting Services
Website Address: http://www.eggycrew.com
Control Panel: DirectAdmin (No cPanel here. Learn why: http://www.eggycrew.com/da.php)
AIM name (talk to me!): EGGYCrew

Introductory Offer: First month completely free. Absolutely no contracts, ever.

My story, and why I am advertising here:

I run a private hosting company. What does that mean? That means that I do not allow the general public to sign up for accounts. It works sort of like the gmail system but with unlimited invites. If you are a current customer, you can invite your friends/acquantinces to come host their website with EGGYCrew as well.

So, why am I advertising here if I don't allow the public to sign up? I would like to attempt to let a couple of more people know about EGGYCrew and the services I offer. I have a small amount of customers, nothing phenomenal, and that is exactly what I am shooting for. I enjoy providing excellent, personalized customer service. Being a webhosting customer for many years myself, I know exactly what I like, and don't like, about webhosting services. Communication is the key, and using that knowledge to my advantage has produced the successful business you are reading about right now, EGGYCrew Private Hosting Services.

If you're ready to be a whole lot more than just a customer ID number, then EGGYCrew is the answer.

If you're interested in signing up for any of the packages offered on our website, then fill in the referral box with "WHT". As stated above, you will obtain your first month of service free with no obligations or contracts. Come join the family!

Russell Jones
Owner/Server Admin

P.S. I know I stated in an earlier post many months ago that post would be the first and last time advertising on WHT, but I got such a good response, I figured why not do it again