Hello everyone, I brought up a $1.00 advertising special and its doing well so I have decided to bring you some advertising specials and other offers!

My site currently gets around 10,000 uniques its first month open and has had over 12,000 google bot searches and over 100 pages added to google and even more on other search engines, this site is growing quite rapidly and is soon to grow even faster....so get these GREAT deals!

(The site/forums have only officially been open for about 3 weeks now)

All from
-General web development and resource boards.


[1] $1.00 Advertising Special!
- Text Advertising on our Sponsors
- Extra $1 /month to get it bold and on top of all links!
Price: $1.00 USD /month
*Please PM me or post here to purchase, please include your link and text (1-3 words)


[2] Unlimited downloads
-Premium Templates
-Premium Scripts
-Licenses & Products
-Special Offers
-Graphics & More!
Price: $5.00 USD /lifetime purchase
To purchase please use this link: http://devstock.com/forum/index.php?...ubs&CODE=index


[3] Forum Banner Advertising - Special Namepros Prices
(Our forum gets the most traffic)

- 120x600 Skyscraper (Located on leftside of page under sponsors)
---$8.00 /month - MAX 3 In rotation (3 left)

- 125x125 Box (Located on leftside of page under skyscraper)
---$3.00 /month - MAX 3 non-rotated, all shown (3 left)

- 468x60 (Located above each and every post)
---$5.00 /month - MAX 2 non-rotated, both shown (2 left)

- 468x60 (Located at the bottom of page)
---$3.00 /month - MAX 1 (1 left)

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE PLEASE POST HERE OR PM ME, please include your banner link/download, the link to your site as well as what plan and for how long you are purchasing.

Payment? all payments are via paypal only.