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    Reject Non Reverse DNS Emails?

    I recently upgraded my anti spam where there is a function to enable or disable acceptance of emails from Non Reverse DNS IPs. For a norm, do people enable or disable that? I tried disallow emails from Non Reverse DNS IPs basically it is blocking spams at about 1000/hour. So it is quite effective. But is it normal to do that?

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    Most servers are coming with rdns names automatically(like layeredtech servers), but some servers still do not.

    I think i would use that feature though, anyway.

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    I would use it, but beware.

    Some of them block if the remote host has no reverse DNS, however others will block if the remote host's reverse DNS does not match what they send as their HELO/EHLO (aka, their server name).

    I had this happen to me at hotmail or yahoo, i forget which one it was. Once i synced up the mail server's hostname with the reverse entries, everything worked fine.

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