just post a job at Scriptlance:


We need someone to make 74 sites for us with an script we have.
We provide the content and the person has to make the sites with the script
It is very esasy to manage. Sites are very straighforward.

According the User manual, once the content is formatted, sites are done in 5 mins. I myself used the script for doing around 15 sites and its true.

However some time is needed preparing (formating) the content (5 mins) and IMPORTANT: we want to devote some time for modify templates, since we want a uniqueness % in the templates (10 mins). And has to be added an small script (5 mins job) .

So we estimate that 1/2 hour per site is time more than enough to make the sites we want with this script. However, first day we can allow 45 mins per site if needed.

This job should be pretty easy for someone that knows what they are doing.

So we think that a student or junior programmer can be enough for this task.

3 paid hours for training.

Initially we want 4 hours day on 10 days period (or 2 weeks), so around 40 hours. So the project would be initially for 85$.

If the programmer makes a good job well renove the deal.

Payment at half completion and upon completion via Scriptlance Escrow.
Additional Info (Added 12/1/2006 at 6:29 EST)...

More on modify templates:

We have several templates to work with.

Previous to build the site it has to be slightly modified so the search engines see a different code and consider different ... however the visual appearance has to remain ... so the point is to make slight changes: width=120 by width=118 .... slight changes in the CSS etc ... slight changes that doesnt affect much the visual appearance of the site but the SE see different from site to site because they read code lines ....

part of the training is a video showing this.


let me know if someone is interested ....

tnx, fran.