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    Lighttpd (Port 8080) and Apache (port 80) on same server

    Hello, I'm currently running lighttpd to serve static content on port 8080. So the link on webpages are:

    Apache is on the default port 8080, so link on webpages are:

    Is there any reason why the port 8080 links are not working on SOME browsers on SOME PC while the port 80 one works on ALL browsers and ALL PC?

    Is there any way around this?


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    firewalls could be blocking port 8080
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    It is possible some people are using proxy servers that are blocking anything but port 80, if the users having trouble are in a corporate environment I would suspect this.

    If not you are going to need more information on what is happening for the people that it is not working for, no where near enough info to go on.
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